All industries are affected by technology

All companies will have to adapt their technology to keep up, but only some will leverage machine learning to excel faster than the competition.


Manufacturing is positioned to see enormous disruption from applied A.I. research. Acclimate is currently developing predictive machine learning models that help optimize manufacturing processes. We offer a range of machine learning systems to improve your production efficiency and reduce escapes, including visual defect detection, machine monitoring, and learning-based scheduling agents.

Retail & e-Commerce

Having an online presence for your retail business is only the beginning. Once you begin tracking key metrics on user behavior, you can quantify customer lifetime value and find innovative ways to increase it. Whether its decreasing acquisition costs, increasing retention, boosting spending, locking in subscriptions, optimizing pricing, or gaining evangelists, some simple analysis could make a big impact on your bottom line. New machine learning models can segment your customers, provide tailored recommendations, and extract trends and insights about your products.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Digital record-keeping and client-facing apps are now table-stakes, but improved efficiencies in demand forecasting, route optimization, warehousing, and quality control are becoming critical to running your supply chain or logistics business. The good news is that it's completely possible to infuse your operations with intelligent analytics and machine learning models to supercharge your capabilities and stay competitive.


Delivering a diagnosis takes considerable energy from specialists with limited time. Modern learning algorithms can use visual understanding of patient scans to assist in screening and deliver insights that extend the capabilities of your clinicians. Deliver more accurate diagnoses to a larger patient base in less time.

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